Informed Energy

You understand that energy efficiency is the new industry standard. So do we.

Our core function at Kawitrack is to enable you to make informed decisions affecting your efficiency. We build a relationship with you through leveraging on real-time utility monitoring and powerful analytics to convert data into actionable information.

Our competence is in:

1. Resource Management– Real time monitoring of electricity, water and other    utilities to quantify usage and establish opportunities for improvement.

2. Power Quality–  Measurement of important power variables such as power factor, current, voltage, kVA, and kVAr

3. Sub & Tenant Metering– Easy, efficient sub-metering and billing systems of electricity and water for buildings and apartments

4. Analytics – Provision of historical and predictive analytics. This enables you to understand where you are and explore areas of improvement for instance energy audits, maintenance, trainings, and upgrades/decommissioning.

Our Values

We here at Kawitrack are driven by common values and principles that ensure that we give our clients the best services possible. Our core values include:

1. Transparency: We always keep our clients in the loop

2. Integrity: We ensure that all the data we receive from our clients is completely  confidential and never promise them services we can’t provide

3. Loyalty: We always put our clients’ interests first and do the best we can